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J. Christin Fields, Children's Picture Book Author

J. Christin Fields

 J. Christin Fields is a former Forensic Scientist turned Children's Book Author. Her love for children is shown by her commitment to engage with them through community outreach groups and churches, spanning a little over a decade.

J. Christin Fields has Bachelor degrees in both Biology & Biochemistry, as well as a Masters in Forensic Science and Law.  Over the years she focused on her science and law career, all the while, writing children's picture books in hopes of one day becoming a full-time author.  A dream she has continued to pursue since her first children's picture book, written when she was only 13 years of age.

Her first project entitled, "Can You Smell My Socks?," follows a young child who wants to know if his socks have an odor.   Only a child would want others to smell their socks and only a mother can understand how adorable this question can be. It can be purchased through Amazon Kindle.  

This humorous tale is one of many wonderful stories written by J. Christin Fields; as she has a whopping 82 written so far. She believes that children, "...need creative, imaginative books without an agenda, a safe place where they can be kids for a while. A place where kids can just be goofy, silly, and optimistic kids."  Her passion and vision can be heard in each of her stories.

She is an talented author on the rise and destined for great success.